“My love for Alistair Cameron can never be duplicated with another!

When I sleep at night, he’s all I could dream of; my days are filled with fantasies and thoughts of him; my lust for him is unspeakable and my love for him is incomparable to any other!”

For years, I was at the mercy of Alistair Cameron’s love, even before he finally paid attention to me! Alistair and I attended the same secondary school and although we shared a few friends together, he never once acknowledged me.

In fact, none of the boys at school did.  Why would they? I was rather plump, shy, and unattractive with the largest breasts you’ve ever seen on a teenager; and, not forgetting, I had huge pimples all over my face.

I was quite sure that the only reason I had the few friends that I had was because my mother was the Principal of my Secondary school.

Alistair Cameron was the most handsome boy in school and all the girls wanted him; even some of our Teachers flirted with him; I was flabbergasted and excited when he finally paid attention to me!

My first love, first kiss.  He took my virginity, took my heart and, made me feel desirable, but, he was in love with another girl, so when I left London to attend University in Portsmouth, I didn’t say goodbye to anyone and, certainly not to Alistair, but as fate would have it, our paths have crossed again and our passions have resurged but, there’s one problem.


Would my kind but, unloving husband forgive me when he finds out about my illicit affair with Alistair?

Only time will tell!



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