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SexAtional Satsuma: Confessions of a Naughty Sex Therapist

  • Lust, Sex and Love are experiences which the young and beautiful Satsuma Larene, hoped would happen to her. A gorgeous, Sex Therapist extraordinaire, she didn’t lose her virginity until she was twenty years old, but you wouldn’t know this because she had studied the art of sex, and was more familiar with every aspect of sex than many of her friends who had actually already had sex! Once she lost her virginity to Roberto, a tall, handsome London Lawyer, all bets were off.  Satsuma embraced her sexuality and participated in exciting sexual activities with  Roberto and other couples. Satsuma didn’t believe in love, until the very debonair and successful Dr. Michael King came into her life.


  • It was a warm, breezy, summer evening, and as I sped down the quiet highway to go and visit my parents. I was having a good time in the car, shaking my head, tapping the steering wheel to the sounds of “Wild Thing, You make my Heart Sing” which was blasting really loud on the radio, I glanced in the mirror to check my lipstick and  noticed a police car speeding behind me with the sirens blasting furiously. Damn it, he’s stopping me! Shit! Damn, I swore and slowed down, and stopped the car, then wind down my window and smiled. “Hello Officer!” I said cheerily! “Can I see your driver’s license please” he asked, in an unfriendly manner! “Sure. It’s in my bag,” I said as I reached over to the back seat to grab my bag, but it was out of my reach so I stepped out of the car and opened the back seat door. I could feel the Officer watching me as I ruffled through my bag looking for my driver’s license, then it hit me that I had left the bag with my purse at home and had mistakenly picked up a different bag. “My purse is not here. I picked up the wrong bag. Sorry but I don’t have my license on me.” I said in a soft, pleading voice! “What is your name Madam?” The officer asked! “Satsuma Larene!” I responded. “Have you been drinking this evening Madam?” “Err, I had a glass of wine earlier but I’m not drunk.” “Do you know you were going 15 miles over the speed limit?” “No, Officer.” Sorry but I didn’t know that I was speeding. “So, you got on the highway and were speeding when you’ve had a drink or two and, you don’t have your driver’s license or proof of who you say you are? I’m going to have to take you back to the Police Station with me!” “Officer, please Sir! I really need to get to my parents’ house or they’ll be worried.  They’re waiting for me. Is there anything I can do or give you right now?” He walked towards me, stared at me in a menacing manner, scaring the shit out of me at first.  My lips began to quiver and my palms started to sweat. My nerves were all over the place. Was he going to attack me, I wondered and I stared back at him, lifted my half parted lips up to speak, but the words didn’t come out. Something was about to happen and I didn’t have any control over it. The officer pulled me towards his hard rock body, yanked my hair back and playfully bit my neck.  His hand found a way to the front of my short white dress, and he unbuttoned the dress so he could reach my breasts. I gave out a moan as he grabbed my breast and squeezed my nipples. “Was this what you had in mind you slut”? He questioned! “Yes Officer! Please take me now!” I whispered!


  • My love for Alistair Cameron can never be duplicated with another! When I sleep at night, he’s all I could dream of; my days are filled with fantasies and thoughts of him; my lust for him is unspeakable and my love for him is incomparable to any other!” For years, I was at the mercy of Alistair Cameron’s love, even before he finally paid attention to me! Alistair and I attended the same secondary school and although we shared a few friends together, he never once acknowledged me. In fact, none of the boys at school did.  Why would they? I was rather plump, shy, and unattractive with the largest breasts you’ve ever seen on a teenager; and, not forgetting, I had huge pimples all over my face. I was quite sure that the only reason I had the few friends that I had was because my mother was the Principal of my Secondary school. Alistair Cameron was the most handsome boy in school and all the girls wanted him; even some of our Teachers flirted with him; I was flabbergasted and excited when he finally paid attention to me! My first love, first kiss.  He took my virginity, took my heart and, made me feel desirable, but, he was in love with another girl, so when I left London to attend University in Portsmouth, I didn’t say goodbye to anyone and, certainly not to Alistair, but as fate would have it, our paths have crossed again and our passions have resurged but, there’s one problem. I AM A MARRIED WOMAN WITH A FAMILY! Would my kind but, unloving husband forgive me when he finds out about my illicit affair with Alistair? Only time will tell!